CETEB is an consultancy firm founded in 1993 by Antoni Fernàndez Teixidó and Esther Amselem Amselem, professionals with training as auditors, mercantile graduates and economists and with extensive professional experience.

We develop our activity throughout the national territory and mainly in Catalonia. Our main clients include both small and medium-sized businesses and large companies, as well as public sector companies.

Aware of the importance and rigor of work in the field of consultancy, accounting, tax, commercial and legal advice and with the aim of providing the best services and solutions to all our customers, we wanted to focus on the objectives to be excellent in what we know to do and offer high quality jobs.


In front of anything else, in all the work we do, we act with integrity. CETEB adopts the commitment to act with professionalism between us and our clients, in order to create a culture of trust and credibility, so that a situation that endangers our values as advisors will never be acceptable.


In CETEB we have values for which all our professionals are guided and which are the pillars of our identity and define our way we act and work.

  • We work as a team – providing the best of each of our professionals in order to create suitable and successful work teams.
  • We act with integrity – maintaining at all times our professionalism, objectivity and excellence in the quality of the service we offer.
  •  We are objective and impartial – in all our advisory work, and in particular in our reports, which are exact and objective.


Antoni Fernández Teixidó
Antoni Fernández TeixidóEconomist, Graduate in Business Administration and Management, Censor Account Manager, Auditor and Consultant.
Antoni has developed an intense political career. He was the General Secretary of the CDS with Adolfo Suárez. Deputy in the Cortes Generales, President of his Parliamentary Group and Deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia. He has been a member of the CiU Executive Committee and National Adviser. He has held the post of Director of Labor, Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia. He recently founded the civil movement called Lliures. Currently, he is Deputy Chairman of the “Sociedad de Estudios Económicos de Fomento del Trabajo Nacional”, founding partner of the “Institute von Mises”, a member of the “Foundation Catalunya Oberta”, a member of the “Economics Circle”, member of the “Juan de Institut Mariana”, of the “Spanish Association of Directors” and Executive Chairman of the “Private Foundation of RCD Espanyol”. Parallel to its political vocation, he has always been in relation with business and professional activity. He has been a founding partner of the Ceteb Group since 1980, comprising the company “Finances Globals I Anàlisi de Tributs” and the company “Comptes i Control Auditors”. Throughout his professional career he has been providing tax advice to a large number of companies, associations and commerce guilds in various sectors. Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.
Esther Amselem Amselem
Esther Amselem AmselemEconomist, Graduate in Business Administration and Management and Auditor
Esther began her professional career in the accounting and financial departments of the “Cooperative Society for Healthcare Facilities (SCIAS)”, “Symester” and “Uquifa chemistry”. In 1981, he joined the Ceteb Group, being a partner in 1993, the year in which he founded together with his partner, Antoni Fernández Teixidó, the “Finances Globals i Anàlisi de Tributs” and the company “Comptes i Control Auditors”, from which he advises many companies in tax and accounting issues. Esther is in charge of Secretary of the Board of Directors of various companies, associations and foundations in many different sectors. In addition, he has been appointed as Insolvency Administrator of several companies. Languages: Spanish, Catalan and French.


We manage all tax obligations with a permanent consultation service to answer and solve any doubt in this complex area.
We advise our clients in their labor relations with the workers, externalizing all the procedures of daily work management.
We advise on issues related to the structure of financial statements. Management and processing in relation to the different registers, preparation and presentation of accounting books, annual accounts, etc.
Continuous and personalized legal advice for our clients, management of judicial and extrajudicial conflicts and all kinds of legal procedures.
We design and advice in strategic and business projects for our clients, efficiency management, improvement of procedures, etc.


We work as a single team, with leading national companies in their sector, offering the highest quality services possible.